Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hank Williams Jr. should not have been fired.

Hank Williams Jr. should not have been fired.
We should all strive to engage each other’s intellect in a more productive way, and kindness is a quality endorsed by most civilizations, it should be encouraged.
However, free speech, within, for the most part, reasonable limits, really is the bedrock of the U.S.
If it is Hank Williams Jr.’s opinion that President Obama is as evil as a man who murdered millions of other human beings, that’s his opinion.
Speech, however, has consequences; not legal consequences, at least not in this case, but social, civil consequences.
You or I would be within our rights to stop listening to Hank Williams Jr.’s music.
Personally, I disagree with him.

I’m trying to assess Barrack Obama and what he is doing as President.
I’ve read his books; I’ve listened to his news conferences.
I’m reluctant to say  “He’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma”, but he is.
We have to remember when judging the man that he can’t necessarily always do exactly as he would like.
How much influence he personally has on policy is still being debated.
Still, even if one takes the position that Afghans and Arabs and Americans killed by our forces are President Obama’s responsibility on a personal level, he still is not  comparable to Hitler who, as we all know, systematically murdered millions of people.

Firing someone for having an unpopular, even outrageous view doesn’t seem to be consistent with a media outlet that should have the utmost concern with protecting everyone’s free speech.

Hank Williams Jr., in addition to being controversial, is an extremely talented singer and song writer.
I don’t agree with Williams or his views, but he has apologized, and he is entitled to his opinion.

“Williams issued a statement Monday night insisting his remarks were misunderstood, then apologized Tuesday.  
Among his defenders were Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar of "The View," who have a very different political viewpoint from the conservative Williams, but often are called out for their own comments.
‘Those among us who are without sin, cast the first stone,’ Goldberg said.

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