Friday, September 16, 2011

Child Abuse and Murder in Palestine

 For those who are not familiar with the horrific details of the Fogel Family murders in Itamar, Israel, On March 11, Hakim and Amjad , the murderers, set out for Itamar, armed with knives and tools to cut the perimeter fence and cover their tracks. They crossed from Awarta to Itamar and climbed/jumped over the fence. Once inside Itamar, they proceeded to approach the first row of houses. They broke into a home adjacent to the Fogel residence but found nobody inside. They stole an M-16, clips and a flak jacket. They exited the home and thereupon burst into the Fogel residence. Having spotted children while still outside, they murdered 11-year-old Yoav and 4-year-old Elad. The assailants thereupon entered the bedroom where the parents, Ruth and Udi, were sleeping with 3-month-old Hadas and murdered all three, following a struggle.
Recently one of the murderers of the Fogel family in Itamar, Israel, was convicted and given five life sentences.
Throughout the trial Hakim Awad bantered happily with his attorney and anyone else willing to listen.
He flashed double v-signs at the press, his face in a huge grin, teeth flashing.
You see, he considered himself a hero, and so did many of his fellow Arabs.
How could this be? You ask yourself.
The killer was a real life “Manchurian Candidate”.
He was raised to be a killer, to hate Jews.
He was taught in pre-school that the “greatest glory” was to kill a Jew, the “descendants of pigs and monkeys”.
In kindergarten he sang, along with the other children, “I want to be a martyr”.
Day after day, year after year, indoctrinated with hate.
The panoply of institutional methods used on young Arabs is calculated by most Arab Governments to generate as much hatred and resentment as possible.
The unspeakable murder of the Fogel family by Hakim and his brother are a desired outcome of years of indoctrination by Arab Governments.

And they want another state.
The United States has been taking steps to dissuade the Palestinians from taking their bid to the U.N., sending negotiators to meet with Palestinian officials.
The ambassador from Fatah says these talks have not been fruitful. “They won’t offer us anything … that saves the peace process,” he says. “They would offer us nothing except to say that they will cut financial aid .”
 He objects to Israel’s insistence that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state or a national home for the Jewish people, yet Fatah has said, recently and publicly that the proposed Palestinian state would be Judenrein.

Today U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice said on BBC,”We object strongly to the idea of a UN resolution to create a Palestinian State. The issues between the Palestinians and the Israelis can only be resolved through negotiations.”
In an address to the United Nations she said Monday that the United States is engaged in an all-out effort to get other countries to join its opposition to the planned Palestinian bid for statehood recognition.

Ambassador Susan E. Rice warned that nations that vote for any Palestinian resolution have the “responsibility to own the consequences of their vote.”

“The United States, and others have been working very energetically to talk to member states of all sorts about the real-world consequences of this kind of a vote,” Ms. Rice told reporters at a breakfast in Washington hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. “This is not one day of hoo-ha and celebration in the General Assembly or the Security Council and then everybody goes home.” 
Washington Times

President Barack Obama recently pledged to veto statehood in the Security Council.
Can we make peace with an enemy that pledges to destroy Israel?
They do this every day on Palestinian TV and in classrooms and mosques.

Fatah and The P.A. are pledged to Israel's destruction.
However, they make public statements, chiefly for Western consumption, that they are willing to negotiate.

Hamas, of course does not even pretend that they are interested in peace.

When one thinks of a PA state, one needs to remember the Fogel killings, and the ideology
which directly caused this outrage.

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