Monday, January 17, 2011

Please Write Jonathan Pollard

Jonathon Pollard provided classified documents to Israel, acting as an agent of Israel in 1984.
The information related to Arab plans to commit genocide upon the Jewish people of Israel.
He plead guilty to  one count of passing classified information to an ally, without intent to harm the United States.

No one else in the history of the United States has ever received a life sentence for passing classified information to an ally - only Jonathan Pollard. The median sentence for this offense is two to four years. Even agents who have committed far more serious offenses on behalf of hostile nations have not received such a harsh sentence.

Court of Appeals Judge Stephen Williams called the case "a fundamental miscarriage of justice," and wrote that Pollard's sentence should  be vacated.

Jonathan Pollard has been openly linked to the Middle East Peace Process since 1995.The Israeli government recognized long ago that Jonathan's sentence was unjust, that the documents he delivered to Israel did not remotely cause the damage that the prosecution claimed but never proved. As a result of this recognition, various Israeli administrations have negotiated, as a matter of basic fairness, to secure Jonathan's release.
Since 1995, within the context of the peace process, the US has repeatedly exploited the plight of Jonathan Pollard to extract heavy concessions from Israel.
However despite express promises made by the United States to Israel, Jonathan Pollard remains in jail.

On November 21, 2010, Jonathan Pollard entered the 26th year of his sentence with no end in sight.

Please write to Jonathon and express your solidarity with him and the Jewish people:

Jonathan Pollard #09185-016 
c/o FCI Butner 
P.O. Box 1000 
Butner, NC 
U.S.A 27509-1000 

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