Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Together We Can Free Jonathan Pollard!

Dear Friends of Israel ,

This is an emergency campaign started because of a unique window of opportunity available to secure Jonathan Pollard's release after Prime Minister Netanyahu confirmed he will publicly ask of the US President to pardon him.
Sign this form to be added as a signatory to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's letter to President Barack Obama requesting the release of Jonathan Pollard. 
To sign the form, click here
Jonathan Pollard has been imprisoned for the past 25 years of a life sentence for sharing information he considered vital to Israel's security. This sentence is comparable to punishments given to spies from enemy states, not allies! It is time for Pollard to come back home to Israel! For more information on Pollard's case, click here.
Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that he will publicly call for the US to release Jonathan Pollard. By signing this form, you are adding your signature to the Prime Minister's letter that will be given to President Barack Obama. 
To sign the form, click here
The list of signatories will be sent to President Obama on December 30th.
Currently, we have 3813 signatories. Let's get tens of thousands! Please forward this email to everyone.

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The Chomsky Hoax
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