Friday, June 4, 2010

Who's side is he on, anyway?

The situation outside of Gaza seems to be fading in importance as a  worldwide issue.
Today, in what was a bit of a surprise the top democrats in the U.S. Senate issued a public declaration of support for Israel and stated emphatically, "Israel has a right to defend herself."

Obama also expressed this sentiment but seemed to be presenting the image of neutrality , I believe for geo-political reasons.
He did say, "Gaza  has launched thousands of bombs into Israel."

He added, "I've been to Israel. I've stood in a child's bedroom where a missile has come through the roof."

 I believe the man is honest, intelligent, and loves Israel.
I believe he knows the situation, he knows that Israel just wants peace, he knows Hamas are blood-thirsty terrorists.
Obama is just trying to keep things from getting violent.
So he is acting as if he is impartial.
He has called for a complete investigation.
Obama already knows exactly what happened.
He knows that an impartial investigation will clear Israel of wrong doing, and that will slow the momentum of the anti-Jews.

I think we are seeing more and more that intelligent responsible leaders are less and less willing to accept Arab interpretations of events.
Arabs are killing each other at an unprecedented rate, and everyone knows it.

They have no credibility at all.

There is a coterie of strongly opinionated anti-Israelis on the internet and in the media.
Democracy Now, which performs many valuable hours of truth and alternative ideas,
at least so far, has been completely wrong on the Gazan barricade defiance of last week.

The IDF had planned for the interception to be very low key.
According to at least some reports the IDF intelligence fell short of perfect, and the Israeli military , expecting to greet and dialogue with Peace Activists, were attacked by knife and bar weilding terrorists .

We would like to see the President and every world leader be more forthright in their support of Israel.
Obama was vague about what he expected Israel to do for the Palestinians.
He was exact about what the Arabs are going to be required to do.
"They have to stop the violence, they have to guarantee that they support Israel's right to exist, and they have to make sure that the people of Israel live in peace and security."

That's what we want, too.

If Obama said tomorrow, "The Arabs are violent and savage. They want to exterminate the Jews.
The tenets of Islam are wrong."
I would be overjoyed.
It would be true, but at least in the opinion of some experts, it would create unnecessary hostility and is not the best use of diplomacy.

Carter is an anti-Israeli, bordering on or even crossing over into being an anti-Semite.

President Obama doesn't and hasn't supported the slurs we've heard from Carter.

We believe Obama is in Israel's corner.

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