Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Obama Enjoys Support of Most Israelis

60% of Israelis have a favorable opinion of Obama, although many say its too early to decide whether or not his policies will be helpful to Israel, according to BESA Center-ADL.
Although some have expressed concern about the Administration's policy of engagement, most agree that the Bush Policies basically failed and made the world a more dangerous place.
"We strengthen America when America's image is stronger around the world," Rahm Emanuel said Monday night in speaking to the nearly 400 ADL delegates gathered from across the country for the League's National Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. "Our image in the world is different today because of the leadership of the President."
Like former President Bush, President Obama is calling for the two-state solution, and according to a recent survey by the Jewish lobby group J Street, 76 percent of American Jews support a two-state solution. Participants at the most recent AIPAC conference are being told to urge their elected representatives to press the Obama administration for that goal.
Most Americans also support the Obama administration, with only the far right and allied hate groups sounding alarm.
Here is a sample of some of the reactions from the far right political spectrum:

"Tragedy" for America: White supremacist and former Klansman David Duke announced on an Internet radio show on election night that, "I believe tonight is a night of tragedy and sadness for our people in many ways … the country is not recognizable any more."
• Predicting a "Race War:" While some racists announced that they would leave the United States, others suggested that Obama's election win would provide a catalyst that would move whites to become active racists. Some predicted the election would prove a boon to racist recruitment efforts. Still others suggested they were planning on arming themselves with guns and ammunition to defend themselves in a coming "race war."
• Calls to Violence: While making no direct threats against the president-elect, some white supremacists expressed a hope that Obama would be killed or die while in office. One racist referred to a recent alleged plot by neo-Nazi skinheads to kill Obama and minorities, expressing a hope that someone else would carry out an assassination attempt: "… hopefully he'll get assassinated before he gets into office. Just don't be (expletive) idiots about it like those skinheads were," wrote "Trellen R." An anonymous poster on white supremacist Hal Turner's blog went further: "Someone will kill him! And I will celebrate! It's just a matter of time."

• Blaming Jews: Not surprisingly, many white supremacists are blaming Jews, suggesting that Jews control U.S. government and media and promote multiculturalism. Others suggested Jews exercised control over the Obama campaign and the Democratic Party.
Although it is true that President Bush was a failure, and left America and the world a more dangerous, economically unstable world, signs are that the situation is improving, and even most undecided Americans say, "Wait and see." before condemning the Administration.
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