Sunday, October 26, 2008

The fact that a candidate
has known or crossed paths
with a bad person is not
the sum total of that
I have heard a lot of bad
things about McCain, I'm
sure you have as well.
He's been called arrogant.Argumenative.Vindictive.Emotionally unstable.Disloyal.By people who have known him for many years.
If you believe that Obama
is a communist or
terrorist, then you also
believe McCain is a liar,
since he has said,
"Senator Obama is a good
man, a decent family man,
a good American." And "You
have nothing to fear from
an Obama Presidency."
Now have you noticed, as I have, that not a single person has come forward and said a single thing negative about Obama as a person?
I mean people who know him.People who work with him in the Senate.People who worked with him in helping the poor.Jews that worked with him in his first private sector Law Firm.No one from the Harvard review.No one from the Illinois State Senate, no one from the the U.S. Senate.
The reason that you don't hear negative comments about his character from people who've known him and worked with him is because, as they all say, almost to a man,And this is what McCain says as well, "This is a fine man, a decent man, a good American."
For a long time now, starting with Ronald Reagan, people in dire straits in America have been told by the Republican Party, "Tough luck".
When it became obvious that our country had a unique problem, i.e., women and children living in the streets, Reagan said, "They choose that lifestyle."
Although I am familiar with Republican Statistics, and I am aware that America is still the wealthiest country on the planet earth, millions of Americans are suffering and struggling to survive, and have a decent life.
Many Americans, and many of them inheritors, live like Arabian Princes and Princesses while children suffer in abandoned automoblies and vacant buildings.
This a country where Myley Cyrus "earns" a half billion dollars in 3 years, and thousands of children brave the elements and don't get enough to eat.
This is the country where Tina Fey is advanced 5 million dollars to write a book, which she will pay someone else a hundred grand to write for her. while babies and old people wait in line for hours in the heat and cold to eat donated food.
The Republicans, who've been in power for eight years, say that government can't help poor people here, but we can create a jobs program in Iraq, and rebuild their country after spending billions to destroy it.
For years now, the greed of the inherited class has slowly been strangling working people and poor people.
Now comes a decent man, a man who has actually worked for a living, who actually cares about his fellow man.And it scares the hell out of the hard right.And so, they try, to some extent successfully, to scare the sheople.
But, at least so the polls indicate, this time, the scare machine isn't working.People want a government that works for them, not just the fat cats.
And the right will trot out all the commie scare garbage and anti-American swill that has worked in the past.
I see homeless people everyday.They do not choose to be homeless.The vast majority of them work, hard, full time.Scare tactics don't work with them any more.They are already scared, of losing their job, of not being able to pay for gas or feed their kids.
America really does need change, and Obama seems to be the agent for it.Guilt by association and name calling is not going to win this election.
Decency, intelligence and compassion may.
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